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Water in Agua en Caja Mejor from the spring located in Gormaz (Soria). It is a high quality water, diuretic, with low sodium content and low mineralization, with an innovative, design and ecological container. Our packages are certified as “Carbon Neutral”. (In the production of this package the emissions have been reduced to ZERO).

More than a product, Agua en Caja Mejor is a project through which we plant trees and part of the benefits we use in the reforestation of trees in on the peninsula and the Canary islands, creating awareness through consumption. The production of disposable plastic is a fact, it will cost time, but consumers and businesses are increasingly aware of this issue.


100% natural spring water.

Agua en caja canarias

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¿Why Agua en Caja?

Agua mineral natural de excelente calidad

Spring water
of excellent quality

Our water is characterized by its purity and mineral composition

100% reciclable


The recycling of cardboard packaging generates high quality fibers, with the possibility of being reused up to 6 times

Huella de carbono neutralizada a cero

Carbon footprint neutralized to zero

This container represents ZERO CO2 emissions into the atmosphere

94% recursos vegetales

Cardboard coming
of sustainable forest

Forest are essential for the planet

Cartón de bosques sostenibles

96% of the container is
made of renewable resources

Our containers hardly use plastic, they contain a thin layer and plastic stopper of vegetable origin

Transporte más óptimo

Contaminate 67 times less
transport the folded boxes

The boxes arrive folded to our spring

Agua en caja canarias

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Quality water

Our water is characterized by its purity and mineral composition. It is of the highest denomination and classification for consumption.

Currently the consumer seeks and recognizes these quality parameters, which are highly valued for the health benefits.

Composition from agua en caja Canarias

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